Sending SAT/ACT Scores for FREE

Is it just me, or are these standardized test companies really trying to make us go broke? (I say us because I too am a high school senior).

But for real, what’s a girl got to do to in order to simply apply to college without going broke? I can’t even afford the extra guacamole at Chipotle, let alone the $12 I have to pay to send my score to EACH and  EVERY school I am applying to.

If you’re as broke as I am, are applying to too many schools, or simply don’t feel like paying all that extra money, have no fear. I am here.

Believe it or not, you can actually submit SAT/ACT scores for free.*

* Some schools require official score reports, but a majority are actually understanding and realize that 16-18 year olds don’t just have a couple of hundred dollars laying around to submit scores.

All you have to do is reach out to the admissions office via email and send them the following:


I am currently a senior at xxxx and will be applying to several universities soon and as such, I will have to send multiple score reports to various universities. Due to my financial standing, I am unable to pay for additional score reports. It came to my attention that some schools will accept SAT and ACT score reports that are sent via email or by the school guidance counselor. Is that true for your university? If so, is there any special procedure or can my counselor post/email the scores to you? Thank you! Regards,

Thank you! Regards,

Regards, xxxxx

To download your score report, simply head over to, click on My Test Scores, then click See Them Now, then View Details, and finally you’ll be able to see a “Download Report” at the top right corner of the page. Some schools even accept scores if they are written on your transcript. Whatever method you intend on using, make sure to mention it in the email so they are aware of where to look.

You are also eligible for 4 fee waivers if you:

  • receive free/reduced lunch
  • receive public assistance
  • are low-income
  • are a ward of the state or an orphan
  • other things that the collegeboard covers thoroughly right here

But if you’re anything like me, 4 fee waivers just won’t cut it, so just use my method. (:

Below is a list (in alphabetical order) that allows students to submit their score reports via email or through their counselor for 2016-2017. If anyone has reached out to a school not on this list, please comment the school down below or message me the name via tumblr and I will update it.

  1. Amherst College
  2. Binghamton University
  3. Boston College
  4. Bowdoin College
  5. Brown University
  6. Carleton College
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. Colby College
  9. Colorado College
  10. Columbia University
  11. Connecticut College
  12. Dartmouth College
  13. Drexel University
  14. Duke University
  15. Emory University
  16. Franklin & Marshall College
  17. Grinnell College
  18. Harvey Mudd College
  19. Haverford College
  20. John Hopkins University
  21. Lafayette College
  22. Lawrence University
  23. Middlebury College
  24. New York University
  25. Northeastern University
  26. Northwestern University
  27. Pomona College
  28. Princeton University
  29. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
  30. Scripps College
  31. Stanford University
  32. Stony Brook University
  33. Swarthmore College
  34. Syracuse University
  35. The College of New Jersey
  36. Tufts University
  37. UNC Chapel Hill
  38. University of Chicago
  39. University of Notre Dame
  40. University of Pennsylvania 
  41. University of Pittsburgh
  42. Vanderbilt University
  43. Vassar College
  44. Washington University in St. Louis
  45. Wellesley College
  46. Williams College
  47. Yale University

PSA: I am not responsible if a school does not receive your score report. If you choose to use my method and email them, make sure that you receive a verification email from the admissions counselor saying they have received it. Otherwise, contact them again/send the score the traditional way.

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